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15.12.2020 02:33 - Antiques: Typically Emerald items and up have low alch losses
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Mining, selling to the Grand Exchange. (If this method, then mine ? (rune essence, adamant, mithril, iron, silver, coal ) and which location?) Fishing swordfish and tuna, selling the uncooked food into the Grand Exchange. Fishing lobster, selling the uncooked food to the Grand Exchange. Cutting yews, selling into the Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelling up prayer. I like alching them since usually they"re not hard to get but latly I need more and I cant get em. Anyone got a bulk amount or know where to acquire some?Or anything that loses less money im open to suggestions. Below are a few things that I have personally utilized in the past: Battlestaffs: All types have a relatively low loss however, you can only buy 100 of these at a given time period. Dragonhide Armor: I"ve experienced low losses with Green D"hide bodied but I am convinced that this has changed. Verify the losses for a whole lot of items.

Antiques: Typically Emerald items and up have low alch losses. Emerald bracelets are good before, check others. Junk: Items like Pouches (unworthy ones) maple longbows and rune javelins as you"ve mentioned usually sell for an extremely low price (below market) and have relatively high alch values. Swamp Tar method: there is a barrel on Pirate"s Cove that spawns a couple Swamp Tars every few seconds. By waiting for them to spawn, you can amass the tar and get someplace between 1 and 10 each time. While waiting for this to respawn, you can alch. The group of this tar wipes out a huge percentage of your alching cost and slows you down very little. You will only skip about 1 alch a 15 seconds or so.

Hunter - Red Sallys. Slayer - Tbh, just duradel it, since Sumona gives some bs tasks. Magic - NO. Fire Wave or Fire Surge just tbh, or you"re wasting so much money. Helps a bunch. Herblore - Create pure superb collections and utilize as numerous cheaper/free herbs you can get. Range - Yaks are entertaining:rolleyes: Chinning Mummies is like good and like wyvrens are okay, not too great though. Woodcutting - Teaks/Ivy/Maples. Can not I be shedding more with Fire Wave? Hmm, I might strive Duradel...

Additionally, for granite, if I be banking them? To utilize for summoning later. Since I will get a crapload of better herbs out of misc, (Avantoe, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed) what if I make from them? With fire tide, you"re hit more frequently and more difficult. But powering air orbs is a much better option, or utilizing vunerability on these thingies in the underground part for magical guild. If you want fastest exp, Powermine it. If you want to use granite to the future, bank it.

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