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28.12.2020 03:30 - I have time after work today and dug into it with my data
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Ah well I just have 20 so this will not be able to be utilized for me probably start of 2021. Can you track career or season stats using this at all? I wish. . However, I do not think madden exports any season or career stats. Otherwise, I"d really like to do that! That is amazing, thank you so much for this. Simply shared it with my 32-man league. That is fantastic! I was trying to make something similar for myself, but as another person said, was going about it in a far more tedious manner than you"ve made it! I"ll be relying heavily on this particular tool moving forward! Like could I sort speed high to low for recipients? The option was grayed out when I tried and I"m not Excel educated enough to know why. Thanks!

Thanks man! And STR for lineman. This ought to be easy to do. 2nd this, this is an unbelievable tool. Having the ability to sort as formerly mentioned will help a lot. I have got to play with it more. . In addition, I wish to attempt to use this to discover players possibly on other positions but based on their attributes are a fantastic match for a different position. That"s all based on top stats by position though. Amazing work!! Thanks man. Yeah, that has been among the reasons why I constructed the tool. I liked finding young players with good fundamental attributes and groom them to become studs. Let me know if you think about any possible improvements!

I have time after work today and dug into it with my data (well, attempted ). . I think you"d have to structure it to wherever you copy/paste the CSV"s into"import" tabs then build your PivotTable based off the information from those tabs instead of outside source. . A pretty major overhaul. Oh no... I just understood PowerPivot isn"t available for Mac Excel at the moment. Yea I started a rebuild based on my remarks and quickly figured out your PivotTable skills are god-level.

Just chiming in to say I love love love this tool! I started a new franchise after studying about this and reside in the preseason of year three with it. I simply love having a plan for how my team will grow and grow from year to year and I"ve never had more confidence in that plan than since I started with this. The simple fact that it is really easy to work with a current roster in real time, simply blows my mind and I truly appreciate you sharing your experience with us! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I felt the same way once I was doing my franchise. It"s pretty fun discovering players who are diamonds in the rough and see them develop into studs. In case you have any other wonderful ideas, just allow me to know!

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